Normally I do pretty well.. but  I think I am allowed to have a bad day, or two, but I wanted to share today with you! What can I say? I’m thoughtful like that!

So I’m having one of those days that extend into weeks and today has terminated into one of those, Why would anyone be mad enough to have kids?! moments.  As we all do.. don’t we?!mum hair pulling

I’m laughing, as the person that gets this outburst is my eldest angel daughter of 19 years which point I say ..oh wait you are one of my offspring.. I’m quite sure I said the same about you at some point in your younger years too.

You know one of the days when you can’t make a phone call as every time you do they start a fight and you can’t hear to select the correct option on the call waiting, it’s the fourth time you have called and this time you give up and do online chat instead which ends up taking longer still 😉 .. and it’s all to chase up school books that you ordered from Amazon that haven’t arrived yet.

You get them fed and then you think ahhhh nearly bed time and I can get down to what I really want to be doing.. that article on being tired… and boom.. the smell of pee rises up, so you do the usual inspection and neither of them is wet…’s really strong, like a friend of mine put it a few weeks back,  ‘my house smells like a nursing home’ So the hunt begins.. mother is sniffing all the toys, the storage crates, the clothes, the sofas!!! Eventually I find a surprise puddle beside the sofa that had spread under the toy pile, I have no idea from when!… Eugh!

Now they are in bed.. my littlest angels.. they are really very good!! It can be so frustrating feeling like you never get to do what you need/want to do.. And the daft part is I KNOW how I should handle it.. but it’s just soo bloody hard to do everything right all the time!!

I was talking to a friend today about guilt.. feeling guilty if the kids don’t eat properly, if you don’t spend time with them, if you don’t do things that you know you should with them.  If you don’t get the housework done, if you don’t do the project that you had to do as well as you would have liked because you were so pushed for time.. or energy 😉

My kids ate pasta tuna and ketchup with cheese for dinner tonight.. You know what.. it won’t kill them.. I ate a plate of pasta and cheese and I am sure to die a slow painful death 😉 on the serious side.. I don’t feel great .. but then I didn’t feel great before either. Hence the blog post on tiredness I wanted to write.

Yesterday I read a post on Tiredness at …,,20818045,00.html

I can tick boxes on most of the 14 things listed on this post in recent weeks..If you don’t have time to read the other post.. it includes:

Lack of sleep

Not enough water

Skipping exercise

Not enough Iron

Being a perfectionist

Making mountains out of molehills

Skipping breakfast

Living on Junk Food

Trouble Saying NO

Messy Office

Work through vacation/off time

Have a glass of wine or two before bed

Check Emails before you go to bed

Rely on Caffeine through the day

You stay Up late at weekends

We’ve had a challenging time this past few weeks.. good and busy, but challenging organization wise, with car issues, lots of work, 2 small kids and wanting everything to get done, not I might add perfectly, just done!

I will be honest . I am NOT a perfectionist.. I learnt that a long time ago, I can let that one go..BUT I get HUGELY frustrated when I don’t get things done. Cooking is not my favourite past time when I would rather be studying or putting together programmes for people or systems in place for the business..

What do I need to do.. Breathe.. eat better, go to bed .. plan my meals.. do a general tidy up of everything.. get a PA 😉 get back to my old habits of list writing and making it happen. But when I am with the boys,, I am with the boys.. If I can’t make my calls in the morning due to appointments.. I need to leave myself time to do them. And yes get back to my daily exercise, although I am active at work, as you know. I need my movement for me. Life can often get in the way but you have to kick back and look at what you want, how you want to feel and take the steps to make it happen.

But for me, it starts tomorrow as I’m just about to message Dany and ask him to bring a carry out home 😉 That’s mostly due to the fact that the house still smells like an OAP home so I’m off sniff hunting and cleaning again J

Even Superwoman has bad days.. 😉

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